Planning a trip on your own can seem so daunting, but we will walk you through it with our

Step-by-Step Planning Guide

including links to all of our go to sites for planning, booking, and finding great deals!

Step 1


Scope out places on Pinterest
and Instagram for ideas.

Our boards on Pinterest

are filled with all of the useful pins
and blogs that we use during our planning.

Great #s to follow on Instagram:
#adventure kids


Snag an amazing deal on a flight or hotel and plan the trip around that!

These are our favorite sites for deals.

Scott’s Cheap Flights is an e-mail list that will send you an alert when there’s a deal from your airport.  There are some crazy good deals here, but you have to be ready to move fast.  They offer both a free and paid service.

Not sure where you want to go?  Skyscanner has an EXPLORE map where you enter your home airport and can see prices to destinations all over the map!  Plus, they also offer a last minute and weekly e-mail deal list.

Step 2

Book Flights

Sometimes if you are traveling to somewhere with highly in demand accomodation(the Tour De France, Oktoberfest, large festivals), you will want to book that earlier, but usually Flights come first.

The best time to book is usually between 1-4 months out.  People talk about timing the hour and day, but the average price drop is only $50 in this prime time period, so all of the stress of timing it right is not worth the savings.  Start out by checking these 3 search engines.

After locating the best option, go directly to the airline’s website to see if they are offering a better deal.  Often the price is not better, but if it is the same, working directly with the airline will save you SO MUCH HEADACHE if you need customer service.  And, I have found that traveling with kids, especially lap infants, does often require a bit of customer service.  I avoid third party booking sites if at all possible.

If you’re comfortable with the price, just pull the trigger and don’t look back.

I have blown hours and hours, and really, days and days of my life to find the PERFECT flight at the best flight.  As any mom knows, your time is at a premium.  Don’t waste tons of it stressing and probably only saving a tiny bit.   Prices very well could go up, too.  

Step 3

Get Organized

First Create a Folder in your e-mail to keep all of your trip confirmations in one place.  Then Print a Calendar and fill in your arrival and departure dates and times.  From there, head to Pinterest to read blogs about your location and find the best spots.   Locate all of those spots on Google Maps and drop pins.  After you’ve read enough blogs and trip advisor reviews, it’s time to go to the map of pins and start narrowing down based on your time schedule.  Once you have you “must do” list, start calculating travel time and planning where you will stay.  Finally, Create an Itinerary, and start filling it will hotel confirmation codes, phone numbers, and lists of ideas for each day.  Make sure to print or save a copy offline for your trip.

Step 4

Book Accommodation

We almost always stay in Apartments or Houses, but there are times a hotel can be a better option.

Our Go-To Booking Sites

Airbnb is our Go To.  It’s super easy to book, and they have great customer service.  Get $40 off your first night stay. was #1 in a recent study on the best websites for hotel deals.  Start your search HERE.

Step 5

Confirm & Get Ready to GO

Confirm any extras, such as early check-ins or baby cribs a few days before travel.

Plan Your Packing:  OUR GEAR GUIDES

Get Prepared:  TRAVEL TIPS