The Young Family

Why did we start this crazy blogging adventure?

So often I hear that it’s too hard or not enjoyable to travel with kids, but that’s so far from the truth.  

Yes, when in Paris with our two year old, we did skip the day of wandering the halls of the Louvre, but instead played in Luxembourg Gardens with the other little Parisian children and rode the carousel at the Eiffel Tower.  

It’s a different kind of trip, but it’s incredibly rewarding getting to experience the world through your children’s eyes.

Family posing in front of a waterfall at Kravice Falls
Kristin and her mom at the Taj Mahal

From the Beginning

Growing up, it was very important to my(Kristin) mother that we see as much of the United States as possible.  Every summer, we would load up in the car or motor home and take off for a couple of weeks for a good old American road trip.

During college, a friend asked me if I wanted to join in on a group trip across Europe.  During that trip, I was seriously bitten by the travel bug, and started traveling every chance I could get.

After college, I spent some time in Europe, traveled around Central America with a friend, and even convinced my mom to backpack Turkey and India with me.

Andrew & Kristin

When Andrew and I met, we started travelling together and knocking big things off of our bucketlist, like hiking the Inca Trail and watching the Tour de France.

For our wedding, we decided we wanted to show our family and friends what we love so much about travel by taking them to Puerto Rico for a rainforest wedding.

Kristin and Andrew at their wedding in El Yunque Rainforest, Puerto Rico
Young Family in Dubrovnik

Growing into a Family

After welcoming our first little guy in to the world, we were determined to continue to travel independently and to immerse ourselves in the local cultures.  Now, at 4, he’s already been to 13 countries, and his little brother got his first passport stamp at 3 months old.

We aren’t the kind of people who want to lock ourselves up in mega resorts(not that we don’t love some R&R at the beach), and we want to teach our boys to understand and respect people and traditions that aren’t the same as their own.  I truly believe that traveling shapes who you are as a person and helps to open your mind.

Meet the Crew

We are working in careers that we love and letting our boys grow up in one place.  But, that doesn’t mean that we don’t squeeze as much travel in as absolutely possible.  My husband is blessed with quite a bit of vacation time, and I’m a small business owner who is able to sneak away or work remotely on a regular basis.  My goal is to show people that it is completely possible to get out and see the world, even with a “real” job, with kids, with budgets, and everything else that comes along with a crazy busy life as a parent.  It’s completely life changing, and worth it!

Andrew on Mont Ventoux


Kristin on a boat in Varanasi


Matthew in Trogir Croatia


Benjamin at Kravice Falls


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